<strong>Connettori Switch per Antenne</strong>

Dal diversi anni <strong>Aliner</strong> sviluppa connettori switch RF partendo dalla propria interfaccia per schede MC. Aliner non sta costruendo una serie di prodotti tradizionali ma una base su cui costruire nuove applicazioni.

With this switch connector technology, there is a strong message of openness. The different solutions available include patented ACX and SSMCX interfaces, as well as open interfaces such as SMA, SMB, MMCX, MC Card, MCX, SSMB, RP-TNC, TNC, N, etc.,

With this strategy Aliner is able to meet a growing market demand and offer more interfaces per Aliner switch family.

  • Reliable mechanical switching function between antennas
  • Good RF performance up to 6 GHz
  • PCB and cable solutions available
  • Various interfaces: MMCX, MCX, SSMB, SMA, TNC, N and more


  • Automatic switching between internal and external antenna (original perspective/use)
  • Switching between internal RF channels (new perspective/use)
  • Available in edge mount version (right or left) with various interfaces.


<strong>Caratteristiche e Benefici (DTC)</strong>

  • Optimum switch between indoor and outdoor antenna in small size
  • Pick & Place SMT
  • RoHS
  • Designed for mass production (DFM)
  • PCB Layout Simplification
  • No electrical control is necessary
  • Elimination of RF relays
  • Reduction in the number of components required
  • Reducing device size
  • Simple coupling system
  • Proprietary and open interfaces
  • Flexible switching between different combinations of RF switch connectors¬†
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