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Your IoT and wireless connectivity specialized distributor

Our knowledge of the market encourages us to constantly research and generate new opportunities, supporting our customers in the creation of new products, consolidating strategic partnerships with our suppliers.

Il nostro obiettivo è sviluppare e proporre <strong>Brand</strong> in grado di fare incontrare gli obiettivi dei nostri clienti con le esigenze del settore in cui operano.

Our Team is actively involved in the development of new solutions to seize new opportunities, aimed at responding to the most diversified needs.

We are able to distribute the following brands throughout the Italian territory. Our professionalism guarantees the respect of the image and the values that each brand represents.

If you have not yet defined your application we suggest that you <strong>contattarci</strong>, we'll contact you in <strong style="font-size: 14px;">minor tempo</strong> Possible to organize a meeting and guide you to the choice of the product that most satisfies your <strong style="font-size: 14px;">esigenze</strong>. 

IoT Solutions Provider

Telit develops cellular and wireless devices capable of enabling global and integrated connectivity. The Key Services provided (design review and Test-precompliance) significantly reduce time to market, 

The Best GPS Company

OriginGPS creates, develops and delivers the best GPS/GNSS solutions available on the market. Their solutions generate applications that guarantee high reliability and precision.

The Market leader

2J is now established as a leading company in the antennas market. Applications such as IoT, M2M, and BS are flanked by a custom design service

New Company, Innovative Technology

InnoPhase is a fabless semiconductor company specializing in extreme low power wireless solutions. The company has developed the industry's first digital PolaRFusion radio architecture to shatter the low power barrier of wireless communications.

Exceptional Internet of Things solutions

Teltonika is a leading manufacturer of intelligent cellular devices (routers and gateways), programmable with OpenWRT, and able to transfer data to cloud systems.


40 Years of Experience

Atel-Antennas, with its 40 years of activity in the production of antennas for the VHF, UHF, TETRA, DMR, GPS, GLONABS, GALILEE, UMTS, WLAN and LTE frequencies, provides its experience and knowledge of the market.

Building the most diverse world

<b>Aliner Industries </b>occupa una posizione unica nel suo genere. Grazie alla forte competenza in ingegneria meccanica è in grado di offrire connettori di alta qualità. Le soluzioni di <b>Aliner Industries </b>consentono di creare valore grazie ad una precisione ripetibile.


Your IoT Terminal Solutions

Since 2002 GateTel has been developing Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) and OEM (Private Label) devices, including End-To-End solutions for the IoT markets.

The company is extremely versatile with the capability of handling complex projects from concept and design through production.